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Petit Bateau Clothing for Kids

Petit Bateau Bodysuit s/s - 5-Pack - Red/White/Blue Petit Bateau Bodysuit s/s - 5-Pack - Red/White/Blue 31,38 €
Originally:  52,30 €  
Petit Bateau Leggings - Wool/Cotton - Pink/White Petit Bateau Leggings - Wool/Cotton - Pink/White 19,32 €
Originally:  32,20 €  
Petit Bateau Jeans - Dark Blue Petit Bateau Jeans - Dark Blue 24,24 €
Originally:  40,40 €  

Baby clothes from Petit Bateau in French quality

Petit Bateau is a French brand that creates classic baby and kids' clothes in simple and timeless designs, with an emphasis placed on good quality.

The clothing from Petit Bateau is constructed with reinforced seams, with buttons that can withstand a tug of up to 7 kg, so that kids are not able to pull them off their clothes or swallow them. The fabric is also woven with extra long cotton fibers, offering a denser weave with better durability. The clothing can, therefore, last for many years of use, and often are handed down because the quality is so good that they do not wear out.

 All clothing from Petit Bateau can withstand machine washing. They do not shrink, and colours stay vibrant without fading with time. The clothing continually retains its shape, no matter how often they become stretched with washing and normal use.

Petit Bateau's nightwear and underwear for kids is Oeko-Tex Tex®-branded, so you can be absolutely certain that there are no harmful substances or chemicals in the clothing. This feature reduces the risk of allergies and skin irritation.

The story behind Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau was founded in 1893 by Pierre Valton, and is a brand that has been behind many ingenious inventions. As early as 1912, they were the first to cut the legs of long underwear, so that cotton underpants as we know them today were created.

In 1950, Petit Bateau designed a practical American closure - or lap neck, as they are also called, to easily pull bodysuits off of small babies. Petit Bateau got their inspiration from American soldiers' shirts, which were removed over their heads without having to remove their helmets.

With the development of this shoulder opening, it became much easier to pull clothing on and off. Blouses and bodysuits can be easily removed by pulling them down over the body and legs, so as to avoid pulling a soiled bodysuit up over the head.

Bodysuits with press studs from Petit Bateau

It was also Petit Bateau who came up with the ingenious idea of making bodysuits with snaps between the legs, making it much easier to get them on and off, and giving easier access to diapers when they need to be changed.

The first bodysuits with press stud openings on the bottom were produced in 1980, and today we can hardly imagine what they would be without them.

Clothing for boys and girls from Petit Bateau

The baby and kids' clothing from Petit Bateau primarily come in delicate pastel shades, with a large portion of basic items in a neutral white colour, suitable for both boys and girls. Petit Bateau carries fabulous baby clothes for all small kids, which can easily be handed down because of their amazing quality.

See the clothing from Petit Bateau in our Petit Bateau sale. There you'll find the Petit Bateau items we have on sale.

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