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LEGOŽ Bags for Kids

LEGOŽ Star Wars Bag - Darth Vader - Black/Red LEGOŽ Star Wars Bag - Darth Vader - Black/Red 16,08 €
Originally:  26,80 €  

Beautiful and practical bags for kids from LEGO®

Here at Kids-world, we have a large selection of LEGO® bags for kids - school bags, pencil cases, toiletry bags, sports bags and gym bags.

Kids love various collections from LEGO®, and here at Kids-world, we have a selection of products with prints from LEGO® Ninjago, Friends, and Star Wars.

If your little one needs a new backpack for school or kindergarten, fine quality bags from LEGO® might be a great choice!

LEGO® Friends bags

Products from LEGO® friends come in lovely rose and purple shades, with cute prints and famous characters from the Heartlake City series. We have many fine bags from the LEGO® Friends collection.

LEGO® Ninjago bags

LEGO® Ninjago is a famous LEGO® series based on Ninjas that kids know from the LEGO®'s toy collection and the TV series Ninjago and LEGO® Ninjago movie. The cool bags and pencil cases in LEGO® Ninjago theme are wildly popular among many smaller kids.

LEGO® Star Wars bags

LEGO® Star Wars started back in 1999 and is the LEGO® series based on the legendary Star Wars movies. LEGO® has released many computer games with the LEGO® Star Wars theme, which kids probably also know from their toy series. We have many different bags with motifs from LEGO® Star Wars, and the products are available together in sets. The bags from LEGO® Star Wars come in a black-and-white theme which will surely match all the clothes in your kid's wardrobe.

LEGO® Ninjago school backpacks

Does your little ninja need a new school backpack? If your child is a fan of the LEGO® Ninjago series, then he or she will definitely love these amazing LEGO® Ninjago school backpacks.

These school backpacks have made waves in the schoolyard - and it's not hard to see why. From their bold and colorful design to their practicality and durability, there's a lot to love about Ninjago bags.

First and foremost, the bags are made from high-quality materials that are designed to last. This means that the bags are built to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The materials used are also easy to clean, which makes it easy to maintain the bag as new.

But it is not only the quality of the materials that sets these bag apart from many others. A LEGO® Ninjago school backpack is also designed with the needs of the modern school student in mind. With several compartments and pockets, your child will have plenty of space to store all sine books, binders and others school supplies. The Bags also have adjustable straps, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your child's body type.

What really sets these bag apart from the others is of course the fun and exciting Ninjago designs. Featuring all your child's favorite characters from the series, these bag are sure to be a hit in the classroom.

Your child will love showing off his Ninjago bag to all sine classmates and friends. Regardless of the favorite color, your child will look forward to going to school with a LEGO® Ninjago school backpack in red, green or blue.

Or perhaps it is large important which of the favorite characters adorns the bag. For example, a LEGO® Ninjago school backpack with Lloyd is often a sure hit. It is of course up to your child to decide.

LEGO® school backpacks in many colours

The colorful world of LEGO® school backpacks also extends beyond the Ninjago series. With options for LEGO® school backpack in blue, green and red, you can find the perfect bag to suit your child's unique personality.

Not only are these bag eye-catching and cool, but they also have plenty of storage space for all your child's books and supplies. So whether your child goes to kindergarten or school or just needs a new bag for everyday use, LEGO® has got you covered. Get your child ready to add some fun, flair and colour to their everyday life with these amazing bag.

LEGO® school backpacks in several sizes

The needs and requirements for your son's or daughter's new school backpack naturally vary in relation to the current grade level. Our LEGO® School backpacks for 0., 1. and 2. grade are available in different sizes and meet all the needs your child needs.

In the 0th grade, your child needs a little school backpack that is little and easy to carry. It must be able to hold a pair pencils, colouring pencils and perhaps a little notebook. Here, the little LEGO® school backpack is practical. It is easy to handle, making it the perfect choice for your child's first year of school.

When your child moves up to 1st grade, he will probably need more space in school backpack. There must be room for larger notebooks, textbooks and perhaps a lunchbox. This is where the slightly larger LEGO® school backpack comes into game. It offers plenty of space for all your child's most important things, while still having the fun and playful LEGO® design.

In 2nd grade, your child will need a larger school backpack with even more room for folders, booklets and maybe even a laptop or tablet. The large LEGO® school backpack is perfect for this level, as it provides plenty of space for all the things your child needs for a good and educational day at school.

LEGO® school backpacks for girls and boys

LEGO® school backpacks are for both boys and girls. These bag are perfect for carrying all your books, pencils and others school supplies to class, while adding a splash of back-to-school fun.

With a variety of designs for both boys and girls, these LEGO® school backpacks not only keep your child's books and materials organized, but also help your child express their personality and style.

Explore Kids-world with your boy or girl and find just the LEGO® school backpack that matches his or her needs and wishes.

A school backpack can be a major investment, especially if it has to fulfill a wide range of needs and provide the kid with good comfort and support when the heavy books have to be carried to and from school.

Most parents probably know that a school backpack is not just a school backpack. For many kids, a school backpack also becomes an expression of their identity and the things they hold dear. With a LEGO® school backpack, for example, the heroes from LEGO® Ninjago can be displayed.

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