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Kids Concept Toys & Equipment for Kids

Recommended Age (Toys)
Kids Concept Soft Toy - Otto - 32 cm - Green Kids Concept Soft Toy - Otto - 32 cm - Green 19,32 €
Originally:  32,20 €  

Kids Concept Toys & Equipment for Kids

Only the imagination sets limits with Kids Concept

The Swedish brand Kids Concept was founded in 2007. The brand creates functional and innovative kids’ products that create great joy and encourage kids to play more and have fun. 

Kids Concept designs products that make life easier with kids and give kids a safer and more fun childhood. It is just the imagination that sets the limits. The many unique products make Kids Concept a very special company. 

The toys are always instructive and there are also many products from decorating the kids room to making the room more functional. 

More about the Kids Concept design process 

When Kids Concept designs a new product, they always start by ensuring that the product meets kids needs and encourages kids to play, learn and improve their motor skills and grow their imagination. Toys must be safe and functional and live up to very high standards. 

It normally starts with a drawing of a prototype and the process from drawing to finished product can take anywhere from 6 to 18 months. Many people who work together to create the toys. They experiment with different materials, combinations of textures and colours until the end product is absolutely perfect. 

Sustainability and responsibility 

Kids Concept work closely with their factories and visit them regularly. There is a good understanding and awareness of the quality and environment of production. The products have been produced, tested, and approved  for all requirements. Kids Concept produces sustainable products that last for generations. 

Wooden toy from Kids Concept

Wooden toy from Kids Concept are nothing short of ingenious. It is first and foremost a natural product. The Wooden toy gives memories of a bygone and uncomplicated time. Kids Concept wooden toy last really well and last for several generations.

Wooden toy from Kids Concept in high quality

The Kids Concept wooden toy is made of approved wood in a good and made with environmentally friendly materials.

The selection is large, so I wonder if you can find some cool wooden toy from Kids Concept or wooden toy from one of the others delicious brands here at Kids-world.

Kids Concept baby toys

If you are on the lookout for toys for a baby from Kids Concept, you have browsed your way to the right place.

In the first year of your boy or girl's life, he og she go through a lot in sensory and motor development.

A fine assortment of baby toys from labels like Kids Concept

At Kids-world you will find a good range of baby toys from Kids Concept. We ensure that there's a toy for every kid in various designs, prices and components.

Toy kitchen from Kids Concept

Here in the category you can find the fine play kitchens from Kids Concept, which most boys and girls will be able to have fun with.

Kids Concept is a great brand that is known for their quality toys. Kids Concept designs a versatile selection of play kitchens in fine designs and colours.

A toy kitchen is ideal for many hours of role play for kids. Kids Concept and the others brands manufacture their play kitchens in the best quality, in many nice colours and types.

For the younger kids, a toy kitchen is great to play with, as they with the Kids Concept play kitchen have something that they can rely on when they play.

Kids Concept play food

Play food is very popular toys for kids. Look at our selection of play food from Kids Concept - we guarantee many hours of fun and imaginative role playing for your kid as he or she is head chef in his or her very own restaurant or bistro. Kids Concept presents you with fruits, vegetables, bread and much more.

Play tents from Kids Concept

On this page you will find all the Kids Concept Play tents for kids. Regardless of your girl or boy's age, Kids-world is the place to look for the finest Play tent from Kids Concept for your boy or girl.

We have a lot of Play tent brands - including Kids Concept. Play tents from Kids Concept are a fine choice.

May we recommend you use our filter when searching for Kids Concept Play tents for your kid. Regardless of your preferences in style or brand we can assure you that you will see a play tent which you - and your boy or girl - like.

We provide Play tents from Kids Concept

We hope you find the proper Play tent by Kids Concept for your kid at Kids-world.

We stock lovely Play tents by Kids Concept. That is why, we trust you'll discover exactly what you are looking for.

Doll strollers from Kids Concept

If you need a Kids Concept doll stroller for your child, you have come to the right place.

The doll carriages from Kids Concept are suitable for many hours of fun doll play, where your kid can play while he or she develops sine social skills.

Robust doll strollers from Kids Concept

The Kids Concept doll stroller is a fantastic toys for kids in many age groups

Buy your child' s Kids Concept doll stroller here with us. We can offer an exciting range of doll strollers and other accessories from, among others, Kids Concept.

Kids Concept doll beds

If you are looking for a doll' s bed from Kids Concept for your child' s doll, you will find our selection of doll' s bed from Kids Concept right here.

The Kids Concept doll bed is suitable for many hours of cozy doll play, where the kids can play while he or she develops sine social skills.

Solid doll beds from Kids Concept

The Kids Concept doll bed is a robust and fantastic toys for boys and girls

Buy your boy or girl' s Kids Concept doll' s bed here at We can offer a good range of doll beds and other accessories from i.a. Kids Concept.

Kids Concept soft toys for kids

Kids Concept and the many other brands we offer makes soft toys such as rabbits, fruits, teddy bears and sea animals, which are all created to a premium quality.

With a Kids Concept soft toy, you can be absolutely certain that the boys and girls have gained a friend that they will memorize for the rest of their lives Who does not remember their very first soft toy and the happiness of getting it?.

Cool and fine soft toys by designers such as Kids Concept

We hope you'll choose a Kids Concept soft toy for boys and girls in our online shop.

It is a great idea to keep beloved soft toys close at hand when the little boys and girls are going to take a nap. Having a favorite teddy close provides so much comfort when it is nap-time.

No matter what colour, size or type your kid need, we are sure that you'll be able to get your hands on a Kids Concept soft toy, or one of the several other brands.

Kids Concept toy cars

At Kids-world we present you with a wonderful assortment of toy cars by Kids Concept and lots of other brands.

We provide a lot of toy car brands - including Kids Concept. Toy cars from Kids Concept are a fine pick.

Do use our filter if you are looking for specific toy car from Kids Concept and others stuff for kids of all ages. We offer basically all the stuff you need for kids at Kids-world.

Buy Kids Concept toy cars today

We hope you find the proper Kids Concept toy car for your kid at Kids-world.

We stock good toy cars from Kids Concept. That is why, we hope you will find just what you are searching for.

Kids Concept puzzle games 

On this page, we present you with all the puzzle games from Kids Concept for girls and boys. Regardless of your boy's or girl's age, you've got a great opportunity to find the perfect Kids Concept puzzle game for your girl or boy right here at Kids-world.

We offer a fine selection of puzzle games from various brands - including Kids Concept. Puzzle games from Kids Concept make a perfect choice.

We are sure that our filter can help you while searching for the puzzle game that both you and your little ones will like.

We have puzzle games from Kids Concept

We hope you will find the ideal puzzle game from Kids Concept for your kid right here at Kids-world.

We have brand new puzzle games from Kids Concept. That is why we are sure that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Kids Concept shape sorters

This category presents you with all the Kids Concept shape sorters for girls and boys. Regardless of your boy or girl's age, Kids-world is the place to search for the propper shape sorter by Kids Concept for your girl or boy.

We provide a lot of shape sorter brands - including Kids Concept. Shape sorters from Kids Concept are a great choice.

Use the filter system to discover the ideal shape sorter by Kids Concept for your baby.

We provide Kids Concept shape sorters

If you decide to buy your kid's new Kids Concept shape sorter at Kids-world we will be extremely pleased and ensure that you won't remorse it.

We provide gorgeous shape sorters by Kids Concept. That's why, we believe you will spot just what you are seeking for.

Rattles from Kids Concept

Kids Concept rattles are great toys for toddlers. Kids Concept designs the finest rattles made of high-quality materials.

Kids Concept rattles and motor exercise

Kids Concept rattles and rattles from other brands available on our page are characterized by their beautiful designs and various shapes - such as flamingos, dogs, bears, cats, giraffes, swans, you name it.

Kids Concept rattles in beautiful colours

Rattles from Kids Concept as well as rattles from many other popular brands available on our page come in lots of modern colours, made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials.

Kids Concept storage products

When you have kids, you may need some extra storage for all kinds of things like clothes, toys and shoes and more. The storage products from Kids Concept come in many different shapes and sizes so you can easily store all your kids' toys, books, clothes and everything in between. Kids Concept produces a lot of suitable storage products that offer a solution for most storage needs.

Special requests for Kids Concept storage products

If you are looking for something unique or possibly another Kids Concept product that you cannot find here at Kids-world, please email our customer service with info regarding what you are searching for so that we can assist you further.

Furniture from Kids Concept for the kids's room

Furniture from Kids Concept for the kids's room gives you several options for arranging the kids's room so that it fits ideally for your child. You will find, for example, shelves, tumble furniture, tables, sofas and chairs from brands such as Kids Concept and many others.

The Furnitures has in common that they are made of different materials, hard as well as soft.

Kids Concept shelves

We can probably agree that a kids's room should be decorated in a cozy, exciting and fun way. It is important that your kid likes to stay in his own room, and one way that you can make it a little extra fun, cozy and exciting is by buying a Kids Concept shelf.

Kids Concept shelves can be used in several places

The Shelves from Kids Concept also fit well at the changing area for storage of e.g. diapers, extra clothes, cloth diapers, etc.

The Shelves from Kids Concept are used in the living room, hallway or bathroom or others rooms in the home where they adorn the wall. Kids Concept makes some shelves that, in addition to being practical, also look nice.

Knobs from Kids Concept are fantastic for the kids room

Knobs do not have to be boring and practical. They can be enjoyable and practical all at once. Kids Concept produces knobs in several figures and motifs and in several shapes and colours. Kids Concept manufactures knobs that makes the décor of the kids room into a playground.

Here at category we have a great range of knobs by Kids Concept as well as many other brands. The knobs that we provide are available in many shapes, colours and styles. You'll without a doubt see some knobs that you and your little one will love in our online shop.

Kids Concept lamps

We have lots of Kids Concept lamps and lamps from many other brands that look great in any kids' room.

In the selection of lamps from Kids Concept and many other popular brands, you will find lamps with cords, battery-powered lamps and many other types of cosy night lamps.

Fine Kids Concept lamps

Night lamps are well suited as night lighting for all boys and girls who can not fall asleep without a little light on.

We have lamps from Kids Concept and many others brands in many different designs, sizes and colours.

Here at, you can also find wall lamps, desk lamps and ceiling lamps in many beautiful designs, colours and sizes.

Buy new products from Kids Concept here with us 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Kids Concept here, in our shop. We have a large assortment of many fine products from Kids Concept. Please look around the other categories - including our Kids Concept sale, to find other nice products for your kids.

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