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Design Letters Clothing, Toys & Interior for Kids


Design Letters Clothing, Toys & Interior for Kids

Design Letters - fine accessories and decorations for the home

Design Letters is a Danish company founded in 2009 by a former interior decoration journalist and copywriter Mette Thomsen. Mette has always been inspired by words and has a great passion for words. 

As a journalist, she has always used words to convey information and she had a dream of combining words with her passion for design. She then created Design Letters. 

The products are fantastic for both kids and adults. They are an elegant feature in the kids’ room that provides a more modern and trendy style. 

Quality products from Design Letters

The water bottles are perfect to bring with you when you are on the move. The bottles are also durable, so you do not have to worry about them breaking. Design Letters develop and produce only quality products that can be used repeatedly. 

Design Letters has the finest products and the letters are always the main part of the design. Design Letter produce everything from water bottles, mugs, cloth bags, cables, adapters, bedding, pencil case, mobile case, wooden letters, lettering stickers, cutlery, dinner sets, sports bags and much more. 

Design Letters founder

”In 2009, there were no stylish letters in the interior design world. What existed were a few and childish letters like wall décor. There was nothing I wanted in my home”- Mette, the founder of Design Letters has said. On many of the products you can find Arne Jacobsen's handwriting style from 1937. 

The products from Design Letters are designed in Copenhagen and today the products are sold in more than 2000 design stores in 58 different countries. 

Design Letters baby toys

If you are trying to find baby toys for you baby by Design Letters, you have come to the perfect shop.

In the first year of your boy or girl's life, he og she go through a lot in sensory and motor development.

If you would like to find more ways to support your kids in their development, it is a good idea to consider the various baby toys from Design Letters and the other labels. Baby toys from Design Letters both maintain and help your baby or kid explore more.

Shop baby toys from Design Letters here

We want to offer baby toys for babies that are inspiring and are safe for the little one in the family. As a result of our attitude towards play we constantly have a good assortment of Design Letters baby toys. You'll also find a great selection of Design Letters in our Design Letters sale.

We trade baby toys in various prices, colours and materials. We believe you will find the baby toys you are looking for here at Kids-world.

Design Letters wooden toy

Design Letters in wood toys are a fantastic piece of solid toys for girls and boys. It is first and foremost a natural product. Wooden toy draw deep traces back to a bygone and uncomplicated time. Design Letters wooden toy are extremely durable and last for several generations.

Design Letters wooden toy in approved wood

The Design Letters wooden toy is made of approved wood and made with environmentally friendly materials.

We have toys from Design Letters and many others a variety of colours and shapes such as train, game, brick boxes, animal, cars and much much more. There is something for everyone.

Books from Design Letters

Here with us we have a very fine selection of books from Design Letters and books from many more. Books are an eternal source of knowledge, learning and fantasy. Let your girl or boy open his eyes to books at an early age. He or she will love it.

Fine books from Design Letters

If you are looking for beautiful wooden colouring books, picture books, bathing books or soft books from, for example, Design Letters, this is the place to look.

The Books from Design Letters are produced especially for kids, and are thus of a good quality and durable. Boy and girls, especially the little ones, want to put things in their mouths and bite into them, which is what the books from Design Letters naturally do.

Toy kitchen from Design Letters

Here in the category you can find the nice Design Letters play kitchens that most kids will enjoy playing with.

Design Letters is a good brand that is well known for their good quality toys. Thus also play kitchens for kids

Play kitchens are ideal for many hours of role play for kids. Design Letters and others brands manufacture play kitchens in a fine quality, in many types and fine colours.

For the little ones, a toy kitchen is also great to play with, as they can usually lean on the furniture when they cook.

Design Letters dinner set

On this page you can see our versatile selection of Design Letters' dinner set for kids and babies. We have a fine assortment of spouts, knives, forks, plates and spoons for kids. A nice set of the spoons in our selection are ergonomic designed thus that they fit perfectly in your child's hand.

Ergonomic dinner set from Design Letters

It can be difficult for babies to hold on to their eating utensils, so of course they have thought of that at Design Letters, which are known for sine beautiful and glorious designs in dinner set. Here at Kids-world, we have a large assortment of dinner set from Design Letters and many others brands, so you can be sure to find something that suits you and your child.

Buy new products from Design Letters in our shop 

We hope you find what you are looking for from Design Letters in our shop. We have a large range and many fine products. Feel free to take a look in the different categories to find inspiration for your home.

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